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What are Ringtones

Ringtone is the noise a cell phone makes when someone is calling. Today, ringtones are one of the most popular features of a cell phone and can be set to any imaginable song, melody, or jingle.

Often, you can set each contact to a different ringtone, allowing you to know who is calling without viewing the screen.

On mobile phones, a ringtone is a brief audio file played to indicate an incoming call. A contemporary ringtone might consist of several bars of a familiar musical tune.

Such ringtones are popular because, in a crowd of people with many cellular phone sets, they make it easy to tell whose phone is calling out for attention. The proliferation of cellular telephones in recent years has given rise to a wide variety of ringtones.

The earliest usage of ringtone (or ring tone) is for the tone a caller hears indicating that the phone at the recipient’s end is ringing. (Somewhat confusingly, this meaning is also called ringback.)

On a traditional phone, the tone is sent back in between the ring sequence at the receiving end. The pulsing rate is one on, two off from a 3-phase generator with each call using a single phase.

The called and calling phones would not necessarily use the same phase, so if you wanted to ring someone’s phone (for example, to wake them up), you would need to hear it ringing for a full cycle to make sure that the phone actually rang at the other end.

Where Can I Download Ringtones?

There are numerous web pages and services that allow users to download ringtones for their cell phone. If your carrier does not have any ringtones or you want to try a different service, do an Internet search for ringtone on this popular app named Zedge to find ringtone download sites.

A good example of an app and site that has several hundred free MP3, WAV, and MIDI ringtones is zedge.net

Are Ringtones Free?

There are some services that have free ringtones. However, because of royalties, copyrights, and other reasons, some services charge for users to download or use their ringtones. On Zedge, ringtones are free, but you may subscribe to be a premium member with certain amount of money. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the free ringtones on the site.

Download free mp3 music ringtones for your mobile phone. Compatible with iPhone and Android. All ringtones can be downloaded in either mp3 or m4r format. Several different ringtone categories to choose from.

Choose from Hip Hop ringtones, Country ringtones, R&B ringtone, funny ringtones, silly ringtones, music ringtones, pop ringtone and many more! Ringtone can be downloaded to your computer and synced to mobile phone.

Digging Deep

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How to Download Zedge Ringtones to iPhone

Download Ringtone On Zedge The App for iphone

Zedge Ringtone for Android and iPhone

Free Ringtone for Android and iPhone, have you heard of some newly released tune and want to set it as your device’s ringtone? Well, it seems to be really cool if you make your favorite song as your ringtone.

So now you don’t have to worry about where to find the coolest and latest ringtones. Zedge.net is one of the best sites that offers free wallpapers, ringtones, app icons and notification sounds to let you customize your device.

The latest feature allows you to save your favorites in personal lists and access them from a device via Facebook. There are more than 9 million files shared including the best ringtones, wallpapers etc. that are absolutely free for the users.

You can set ringtone, notification tones and even individual contact ringtones from within the site. There is also a widget for quickly changing the wallpapers and launching your favorite game with just a few clicks.

Zedge Free Ringtones Download for Android

Downloading a Zedge ringtone for your Android phone works in a similar way. Let’s walk through downloading a ringtone.

What are Ringtones Download Zedge Ringtones

Step 1 ====> Choose Ringtones from the menu list. Again, you can browse through the Featured ringtones or click the Discover tab to browse by category.

Step 2 ====> Let’s click Discover. For this example, let tap Country. You will see a list of country music ringtones to scroll through.

Step 3 ====> To preview from this screen, tap the play icon (triangle inside the circle).

Step 4 ====> Zedge will load and play the preview for you. If you like the ringtone but would like to keep browsing, you can click on the heart icon to add it to your favorites.

Step 5 ====> To download immediately, tap on the song title to open up a screen for that song. You can also listen to the ringtone in this screen. If you are ready to download, tap on the white circle with the download icon.

Step 6 ====> You will be given the following options: Set Alarm SoundSet NotificationSet Contact Ringtone, and Set Ringtone.

Step 7 ====> Tap the option you want to use Zedge Free Ringtone will download the ringtone and automatically set it for the option you selected.

Again, if you would like to download it for later use, tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and Tap on Download. Zedge will download the ringtone to your sounds folder for later use.

How to Download Zedge Ringtones to iPhone

Here we shall be discussing two different ways to download zedge ringtones to iPhones. Either of the ways is effective and easy to adopt. It is depend on you to decides which way or method to use.

What are Ringtones

 How to Get Zedge Ringtone to iPhone via Zedge App

In this aspect of the method, you will directly get ringtones on iPhone from the Zedge app. With it, not only you download the Zedge ringtone, but you will also be able to browse as well as download various notification sounds, alarm sounds and so on.

Let us take a look at the procedure for downloads Zedge ringtone and then setting the ringtone on your iOS device with this app.

Step 1 ====> Download the Zedge app from App store on your iPhone.

Step 2 ====> Now open the app and choose the hamburger-like menu to go to the repositories option.

Step 3 ====> You will find numerous collections of tracks from which you can choose any that you want.

Step 4 ====> In order to download a track, you will have to click on it and then click the download option that you see on the bottom left. The ringtone will get saved to your device within seconds.

Step 5 ====> After it’s saved, you can go to the settings on your iPhone and set the new ringtone.

Conclusion On Ringtone

So it is really simple to download some beautiful or quirky ringtones in your iOS device and change them whenever you want. A lot of people are not aware of this gem of an app called Zedge, and even those who know are not aware of how to download and set the tracks as ringtones.

You can go check out their library immediately, as they have all the coolest and the funniest ringtone you would ever come across. We hope this article will solve your problem. Download the ones that you like and enjoy different ringtones every week.

The Zedge ringtone downloading steps are really easy, so follow them properly, and you will enjoy the new collection of ringtones you get. If you have any question, welcome to leave a comment to share.

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