Useful Process to Take Screen Record on Mac Devices and 4 more Using Mac Screen Recorder

Mac Screen Recorder

What is Screen Recorder Software? This is a program or software designed to record the screen of devices, such as computer systems, android smartphones.  This process allows the screen output to be captured and turned into a video file for all kinds of purposes. In this regard, the article will cover details on Mac Screen Recorder and many more.

On-Screen Recorder, you can easily record your devices with the free version screen recorder. This app allows users to capture any area of the screen for quick recordings.

On the other hand, through the app, you will be able to add audio narration from your microphone and video from the webcam of your devices

Screen Recorder Mac for Free

On Mac, the screen recording app will perform the following functions. Keep reading as you explore them through the app.

====> Through the app, users will be able to add music and captions while recording

====> Mac Screen Recorder allows users to record videos for up to 15 minutes for each video while using the free version of the app

====> The app allows users to edit videos by trimming by tapping the edit button at the end of recording videos

====> On the app, you will be able to capture any part of the device’s screen, use your webcam, or both for a picture in picture effect

====> Screen Recorder app on Mac allows users to Quick-share recorded videos via Facebook, Schoology, Canvas, Google Classroom, Gmail, Twitter, Microsoft team and a lot more.

====> Through the app, the user can add audio from a selected microphone

Mac OS Screenshot Tool

In other to record a screen on Mac using Screen Recorder, you need to make use of the Mac OS screenshot tool.

As a matter of fact and truth, Mac devices come with a screen-recording feature. It is available on macOS Mojave and a higher versions of Mac devices. In that case, follow the steps in this article to make use of Mac Screen Recorder to cover the screen of your device.

Step 1 ====> You need to open the app. You may also open the window you want to record

Step 2 ====> Then press Shift + Command + 5 to open the system’s screen-capture tool.

Step 3 ====> Now you can capture the screen from the toolbar on the bottom of the screen. For video, your options include recording the entire screen or a custom portion. 

Step 4 ====> From the screen, at the bottom, locate and click on the Options button

Step 5 ====> Then choose where you want to save your recording and start a countdown timer to start the recording.

NOTE: Make sure Mac’s microphone is activated if you are recording your own voice or external audio.

Step 6 ====> Now select the portion you want to record, either the entire screen or portion of the screen.

Step 7 ====> After that, recording button comes up at the screen menu bar

Step 8 ====> Once you are through with the recording, click on the recording button to stop the recording process. After that, a thumbnail of your recording will be added to your computer

Step 9 ====> You can play the video by double-clicking the screen recording file on your computer


You can also make use of Quick Time on Mac to record your screen and turn it into videos. All you need to do is follow the step in the article:

Step 1 ====> On your Mac Computer, launch or run QuickTime Player

Step 2 ====> Locate and click on File,

Step 3 ====> After that, click on New Screen Recording

Step 4 ====> If this is your first time trying it, open System Preferences to grant QuickTime Player permission to record your screen.

Step 5 ====> Go to your settings and check the box to grant the proper permissions.

Step 6 ====> Then, start the new recording through QuickTime again, and you can then use Mac’s recording tool.

Screen Recorder on Android Phone

We have covered the screen recording process on Mac Screen Recorder. But we need to move on through android devices, as many people make use of Android phones.

In that case, this part of the article will run through the screen recording process on an android smartphone with the use of the Screen Recorder App.

If you are running the latest Android devices (Android 10 and above). It comes with a built-in screen recorder.

Meanwhile, if you are using Android 9 and below, you may consider using a third-party app to record the screen of your device. Recording the screen on your newer Android device gives you the option to record your screen with or without sound.

Step 1 ====> You need to open your Android device.

Step 2 ====> Screen recording app is located in the notification panel on your devices. You only need to wipe down the panel thereby heading to the Quick Settings menu.

Step 3 ====> It will not appear if you have not used it before. Then you need to tap on the Customize icon found at the bottom left corner of the menu (Pencil-shaped icon).

Step 4 ====> Now locate and drag the Screen Recorder icon to the top of the screen. It will now show up in the quick setting menu

Step 5 ====> Close the screen by tapping the small arrow

Step 6 ====> Now, you need to swipe the top notifications bar down two times (the first time reveals the menu, the second time opens it up) to access the Quick Settings.

Step 7 ====> Then, you need to select the Screen Record icon.

Step 8 ====> Decide if you want to record with the audio on and whether you would like the app to show where you touch the screen while recording. To enable one or both functions, slide their respective toggles to the right

Step 9 ====> Tap on start button to start recording

Step 10 ====> When you are thru with the recording, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the red Screen Recorder notification icon to stop recording. Just like Mac Screen Recorder, you can as well record the screen on your Android smartphone.

Record Screen on iOS Devices with Screen Recorder

You will be able to record screens on your iOS devices, these devices include iPad, iPod or iPhone. The process requires is the same; therefore keep reading as we explore the details as follow.

On iOS devices, you can capture the screen as it appears on your devices. The process allows users to capture sound on the devices as well. All you need to do is follow the simple steps guide in this part of the article.

Step 1 ====> You need to power on your devices

Step 2 ====> Now heading to Settings section

Step 3 ====> Move on to the control Center

Step 4 ====> Now, you need to tap on the plus sign + next to Screen Recording

Step 5 ====> Then, you need to open Control Center by tapping the record button

Step 6 ====> Wait for the three-second countdown to complete before start recording

Step 7 ====> Once you are through with the recording, tap on the Red button to stop recording on through the Control Center. As you can see, you can record screens on iPhones just like that of Mac Screen Recorder.

Useful Description of DU Recorder App

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Use QuickTime as an iPad Screen Recorder for Older Devices

In case you are using old iOS devices, you can still record the screen of your devices by using the QuickTime app on your devices.

We know and believe many people are still using iPhone, therefore we decided to run through the process to record screens on older iPhone devices.

These devices include an iPad or iPod Touch. So don’t worry, this part of the article will guide us through the use of QuickTime player because there is no iPad screen recorder in older iOS versions.

But lucky for us, the Quick Time app has tons of functions we can tap into. One of these functions is the ability to record screens like Ma Screen Recorder for iOS older versions.

Step 1 ====> You need to connect your iPad or another iOS device to your Mac with a USB-to-Lightning cable.

Step 2 ====> Tap Trust This Computer if an alert appears.

Step 3 ====> Now, you need to open QuickTime

Step 4 ====> Then, go to the File menu

Step 5 ====> After that, locate and select New Movie Recording

Step 6 ====> Now QuickTime will turn the iSight camera on.

Step 7 ====> You need to ignore it, rather change the recording source near the Record button. The iSight camera will then turn off automatically.

Step 8 ====> Now you need to choose your iPad, iPod Touch, or another device from the list

Step 9 ====> You will see your device screen on your Mac computer screen

Step 10 ====> QuickTime player recognizes the orientation of your device (landscape or portrait).

Step 12 ====> You need to click on the record button to start recording

Step 13 ====> Once you are through with the recording, click the Stop button in the QuickTime preview window

Step 14 ====> Once you are able to complete the process, you will be able to record the screen on your older iOS devices just like that of Mac Screen Recorder using QuickTime.


It has become clear that you can take the screen record on your devices. This article has covered different means of screen recorder on different devices. Majorly we covered Mac Screen Recorder on Mac devices.

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