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Zedge Free Ringtones

Zedge Free Ringtones is one of the best apps that offers free wallpapers, ringtones, app icons and notification sounds to let you customize your device. Zedge has a great leg up both in quality and quantity of many of the free stuff on their site. The latest feature of the app allows you to save your favorites in personal lists and access them from a device via Facebook.

You can set ringtones, notification tones and even individual contact ringtones from within the Zedge app. The app also comes with a widget for quickly changing the wallpapers and launching your favorite game with just a few clicks.

Advantages of Using Zedge

Ringtones and more: Zedge offers not only free ringtones and wallpapers but also live wallpapers, notification sounds, games, and widgets.

Games: We could download popular games for Android from Zedge, too.

Huge community, vast resources: The Zedge community has more than 80 million members sharing more items than you could sample in a lifetime.

Disadvantages of Using Zedge

Multiple copies: With so many items available, multiple or redundant posts are probably inevitable.

Categories: While Zedge has something for everyone spread over many Categories, wallpaper selections leaned heavily on cuteness, skulls, and recent pop culture.

Animated ads: Persistent pop-up commercials keep the app free but use up time and bandwidth.

Zedge Free Wallpaper Download for iPhone

Zedge Free Ringtones Offers mostly generic ringtones, alarm sounds, tones specific to various phone brands (HTC, Samsung, iPhone), and sayings ringtones. To download any ringtone, the app requires you to plug your iPhone into the computer with the iTunes account for your phone. Some ringtones are free and some require payment or credits.

Every ringtone previewed starts with several seconds of the standard Marimba ringtone before the song indicated starts, and the song clip is “remixed” to include Marimba through the entire ringtone. To download, the app directs you to the iTunes store to purchase the desired ringtone.

Anyone with Marimba grooving in their soul will enjoy the Zedge Premium app. For the rest of us, we will stick with the Zedge Wallpapers version of the app for our iPhone example. Therefore, sit back as you will learn Zedge Free wallpaper Download for iPhone

Step 1 ====> Open the Zedge app, the home screen will bring up featured wallpapers and previews of the premium wallpapers. Along the bottom of the screen you will notice a home icon, a diamond icon for premium (paid), and the search icon.

Step 2 ====> Tap on the search icon to browse by popular searches, colors, or categories. For this example, let us tap on Pets & Animals under categories.

Step 3 ====> Find one you like and tap on the photo to open the full preview. Owls are my favorite so I will go with this beautiful horned owl.

Step 4 ====> Now tap on the white circle with the download icon in the bottom center of the screen.

Step 5 ====> Zedge will automatically download the image into an album called Zedge in your Photos.

How To Change Zedge Free Wallpaper

Now that you have downloaded wallpaper to your iPhone via Zedge app installed on your device, now let go through the steps on changing wallpaper on iPhone. To change your wallpaper to the downloaded image, exit the app and

Step 1 ====> Go to Settings

Step 2 ====> Wallpaper

Step 3 ====> Choose a New Wallpaper.

Step 4 ====> Now scroll down the album list and tap on Zedge

Step 5 ====> Tap on the wallpaper you just downloaded

Step 6 ====> Choose Still or Perspective and tap Set.

Step 7 ====> Set will bring up a menu asking if you want to Set Lock ScreenSet Home Screen, or Set Both. Select the option you prefer and press your home button to exit Settings and see your new wallpaper

Zedge Free Ringtones Download for Android

Downloading a Zedge ringtone for your Android phone works in a similar way. Let’s walk through downloading a ringtone.

Step 1 ====> Choose Ringtones from the menu list. Again, you can browse through the Featured ringtones or click the Discover tab to browse by category.

Zedge Free Ringtones Download

Step 2 ====> Let’s click Discover. For this example, let tap Country. You will see a list of country music ringtones to scroll through.

Step 3 ====> To preview from this screen, tap the play icon (triangle inside the circle).

Step 4 ====> Zedge will load and play the preview for you. If you like the ringtone but would like to keep browsing, you can click on the heart icon to add it to your favorites.

Step 5 ====> To download immediately, tap on the song title to open up a screen for that song. You can also listen to the ringtone in this screen. If you are ready to download, tap on the white circle with the download icon.

Step 6 ====> You will be given the following options: Set Alarm SoundSet NotificationSet Contact Ringtone, and Set Ringtone.

Step 7 ====> Tap the option you want to use Zedge Free Ringtones will download the ringtone and automatically set it for the option you selected.

Again, if you would like to download it for later use, tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and Tap on Download. Zedge will download the ringtone to your sounds folder for later use.

Change The Sound of Other Types of Notifications

Let say that now that you have the Zedge bug you want to change your email notification sound or the one for Facebook Messenger. This process is mostly the same.

Step 1 ====> Find the ringtone (or notification sound) you wish to use. When you tap in the middle to open it up, do not tap Set at the bottom.

Step 2 ====> Instead, select  at the top-right corner of the screen

Step 3 ====> Then choose Download. This saves the song in your files on your phone.

Step 4 ====> Now, let change your Facebook Messenger sound. On your phone, tap Settings

Step 5 ====> Scroll to open Apps.

Step 6 ====> Now, scroll way down and tap to open Messenger.

Step 7 ====> Then tap Notifications and then Chats and Calls.

Step 8 ====> Tap the Sound area here to open up your selection area. You will see all the pre-loaded sounds here, along with the file you just saved from Zedge.

Step 9 ====>Tap on the one you downloaded to change it. No more boring usual FB Messenger sounds for you.

You can repeat this process to change notification sounds in any other app installed on your phone that allow it.

Digging Deep

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Finally on Zedge Free Ringtones Download

Zedge has tons of wallpapers to choose from for both iPhone and Android and a great selection of ringtones for Android. Browse around and enjoy customizing the look and sound of your phone!

If you are someone who creates custom sounds and music, you can upload your stuff to Zedge to share with the world, as well! You can become a member if your stuff is really good and charge a small fee for each download, even.

No Android user can go without Zedge free Ringtones, so you should definitely download it.

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