How to Get Rid of Zedge Ringtones

Free up memory on your mobile devices by getting rid of Zedge ringtones you no longer use. Even though Zedge ringtones are custom-made, you can delete them in the same manner as you would delete a standard ringtone.

Meanwhile, the procedure for getting rid of ringtone varies from one another, depending on the model of your smartphone. With the exception of the iPhone, you do not need to connect your phone to a computer to delete a ringtone.

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Get Rid of Zedge Ringtones from Your Phone

As a matter of fact and urgency, it is good and great ideas to get rid of Zedge ringtones from your smartphones. Having many ringtones on your device will accumulate and as well occupy some space theirs by causing your phone to perform slowly. Ok, let use the word lagging. Here we shall be dealing with getting rid of Zedge ringtones from Android and iPhones. Therefore, let look at them one after the other:

Delete Zedge Ringtones from Android Phone

In other to remove un-used Zedge ringtones from Android smartphone, you need to carefully follow the steps you are about to read in this article.

How to Get Rid of Zedge Ringtones

 Step 1 ====> Tap Menu on your Android phone’s home screen, then tap Music and tap Songs in the top menu.

Step 2 ====> Now tap the Zedge ringtone that you want to delete and follow by Menu.

Step 3 ====> Finally, tap Delete and tap OK to confirm you want to delete the ringtone.

That is all you need to do if you truly want to get rid of Zedge ringtones from an Android smartphone. The steps are simple and straight forward. It is easy to follow as well, it requires no special skills, all you need is the ability to read and understand what you have read.

Delete Zedge Ringtones from iPhone

iPhone inclusive, overused memory will result in lagging performance of your devices. With this simple and clear reason, it is good and advisable to get rid of Zedge ringtones from iOS devices. Here are the simple steps to follow:

Step 1 ====> Connect your iPhone to a computer using the USB-to-iPhone connector. Now launch iTunes.

Step 2 ====> Now on your computer; click your phone’s name under Devices in the left panel of iTunes. Then click Ringtones in the top menu.

Step 3 ====> From here, check Sync Ringtones and then click Selected Ringtones. Uncheck the Zedge ringtone that you want to delete from your iPhone.

Step 4 ====> Finally click Apply and wait for the phone to sync with iTunes. The ringtone will be deleted from the iPhone.

Similar to that of the Android process, the entire steps are easy and simple to follow. Just like we mentioned under that of Android process, it requires no special skill. All you need to carry out these process or steps as the case may be is your ability to read and understand simple language.

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