Useful Description of DU Recorder App. Important Faetures and 5 Reasons

DU Recorder App

DU Recorder app is an amazing video recording application for android devices. DU Recorder is a stable with high-quality screen recorder for Android smartphones.

The app helps to record smooth and clear screen videos with amazing recording features. The features include a video recorder, video editor, screen capture which is a great one for tutorials.

DU recording app does not require rooting your mobile devices before its function. In addition, DU Recorder enables an easy way to record screen videos such as video calls, game videos, live shows, and making everything so simple.

Important Features of DU Recorder Application

We listed some of the features above, but we add more words to it to make more sense to you as you keep reading.

====> Through the recording app, you will be able to the screen as GIF

====> DU Recorder App has additional features like taking screenshots, editing images

====> While using DU Recorder, you will be able to record to any length. That means no limit for recording while using DU Recording Application.

====> On the other hand, you will be able to edit the video recorded; you will be able to trim your video, merge videos, add background music, and able to rotate the videos.

====> You can enable the front camera, record external sound, and many more.

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DU Recorder Screen Recording

DU Recorder App provides stable and fluid screen recording as mentioned above. Using the app, you can easily record tutorials on your mobile device, record mobile game videos.

Not only that, you can record video calls with family and friends. You can as well record live programs on live apps such as Bigo and Periscope Live. In fact, the DU Recording app is well designed with the following free video recording features:

====> You will have access to many resolutions, bit rates, HD supported and frame rates available.

====> While recording, you can enable the front camera as mentioned above (facecam)

====> You will be able to pause and resume or continue recording while using DU Recorder apk

====> Through the app, you will be able to add external sound or add background sound while recording.

====> Live creator: Livestream your screen to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch with DU Recorder

====> Recording can be controlled through the floating window or notification bar

====> DU Recording app allows users to click operation while recording is in progress

====> You can also hide floating windows for frameless video

====> GIF maker: A GIF recorder helps you record the screen as GIF

====> Another thing is that you can shake your device to stop the recording screen process

====> You have the right to choose storage location between the internal storage and the SD card

====> Brush: Touch screen to draw. This feature is great when teaching using the app

====> On the app, you can use your Wi-Fi to connect your computer, download videos and screenshots to your computer

DU Recorder Application Live Creator

DU Recorder App allows users to screen broadcasts. What that means is that the app users can stream screens to Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube.

Through the amazing screen recording app, users can stream gameplay to show his or her skills. The app also allows users to stream TV shows, films, and sports events to share things or experiences with family and friends.

In that aspect, DU Recorder provides the following features to Livestream to become easily accessible.

====> Through the app, users will be able to set Livestream privacy level through the settings section

====> Another important key to note, you can make use of the front camera (facecame) while live streaming.

====> DU Recorder App allows users to set the broadcast resolution in the settings, stream with high-quality

====> Live tools: The app makes room for many YouTube live tools to enhance better Livestreaming: donations, subscription and donation goals, message robot.

====> Real-time audience comments: during live streaming on the DU Recorder application, the audience will be able to add their comment about the video.

DU Recorder apk Video Editor

We have covered two main aspects of this application, the live streaming and the screen recording process using the app. It is an amazing thing to let our readers know that, DU Recorder app has lots of video editing functions that can help you create better videos.

In that case, the user can easily make the following video editing operations with the screen recorder app:

====> DU Recorder app allow users to adjust the volume of video

====> Through the editor, you will be able to trim video, cut video thereby removing the middle part of a video

====> Another thing about the editor is the ability to be able to add background music to video

====> The app allows users to merge videos, this simply means users will be able to combine multiple videos into one

====> You will be able to rotate videos

====> Through the app, user can add crop videos

====> The app allows users to change the speed of the video

====> DU Recorder allow users to add background pictures to vertical video

====> This screen recording app allows users to convert videos to GIF

====> Users of this application will be able to add subtitles to video

Screenshots and Image Editing

We have covered the video aspect of this app, but that is not all. DU Recorder has the ability to edit pictures and capture screenshots. You can also share your screenshots or use in-app image editing tools to stitch and crop local images.

Once you are able to download and install DU Recorder on your mobile devices, you can take screenshots with only a tap.

With just one hand. No more double-press and hold. Quick and easy. In that case, this part of the article will cover some of the features of the image editor and screenshot

====> Blur Image: Pixelate the image to cover areas you do not want to show.

====> Through the app, users can use the notification bar or floating window to take a one-click screenshot.

====> Stitch Images: Smartly combine several images into one.

====>Crop Image: Keep only the part of the image you want.

DU Recorder APK

Genres                                 Video Players & Editors

Size                                       35MB

Version                                 2.4.4

Developer                          Screen Recorder & Video Editor

MOD Features                  Premium Unlocked

Requires                              5.0 and up

Updated                              2021/10/04

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