Complete Guide to Download Zedge for Android Devices

Download Zedge for Android

Zedge’s overwhelming selection of different wallpapers, ringtones, icons, themes, and more means that no customization stone is left unturned for this app. It is very easy to browse and search via category or theme, and the fact that you don’t have to worry whether a wallpaper looks good is a great plus over other wallpaper search apps, which may give you wallpapers that don’t match your aspect ratio or screen resolution. The included wallpaper and game launch widgets are useful too, though they don’t look very pleasing on the home screen.

====> Total Downloads: 12805

====> Publisher: ZEDGE

====> Licence model: Freeware

====> Language: English

====> Release date: 07/17/2019

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Zedge is a free wallpaper, icon and ringtone search app for Android.

Zedge features thousands of different wallpapers, icons and ringtones to choose from, organized into different themed categories. Search results are all automatically filtered to be compatible with your tablet or smartphone’s display, so you don’t have to worry about your new wallpaper looking strange.

You can set wallpapers and ringtones straight from the app so you don’t have to go into your settings menu when you find something that you like.

From within the app interface, you can add a wallpaper or a ringtone on your Favorites list, without downloading anything. You can also view all of your downloads in the Download section.

Zedge also lets you customize your app icons, and even includes options for downloading themes to match wallpaper and icons together. The app also gives you the option of automatically changing your wallpaper.

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