Complete Step to Download free Ringtones from Zedge App

This days, not like before, getting ringtones is easier than ever. One thing I discovered is the wide variety of phones and settings which make it hard to find ringtones without paying for them directly. That is where comes in. This site automatically chooses the right file for your phone and has a variety of ways to put the ringtone on your phone. Keep reading through the following steps to download free ringtones from

Download Free Ringtones From Zedge with your Computer

Step 1 ====> Visit Zedge official site:

Zedge is a free site that offers music clips, movie lines, wallpapers and more for your phone. Now visit from your computer browser with the help of active internet.

Download Free Ringtones From Zedge


====> Android users can download the free Zedge app through their phones as well. Search find Zedge on the Google Play Store to get unlimited ringtones right through the app.

====> Any phone that can access the internet can use Zedge, and even phones that cannot, can still get ringtones.

Step 2 ====> Create Zedge Account, this is optional:

To get emailing ringtones from to yourself, then you need to have a registered Zedge account. You can also save songs, post your ringtones, and interact with the Zedge community if you are a registered member. Meanwhile, the whole steps and process is simple and takes only a few minutes to register with Zedge:

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====> Click the words Login / Sign Up in the upper right corner of the webpage.

====> Provide a valid email address.

====> Make a unique username using five or more characters.

====> Make a password using six or more characters

====> Finally here, check the box labelled I Agree to Terms and Services

Step 3 ====> Select Your phone 

The next action in other to download free ringtones from Zedge is to select the type of phone you are using.

Download Free Ringtones Zedge

====> Click the button labelled Select Your Device in the upper right corner of the browser window.

====> You will be prompted to type in the model of your phone and select the appropriate phone from a list.

====> If your phone does not appear here it is likely still eligible, if it has a colour display and supports WAP, and most phones made after 2005 do.

====> Select a similar phone from the same company (Tecno, LG, Samsung, among others) if yours doesn’t appear.

Step 4 ====> Search Ringtone through the search bar

You are a step closer to download free ringtones from Zedge. Use the search bar at the top of the page to find the ringtone you would like to use.

You can as well test it using the large play button to the left of the song to make sure you have the right choice.

Ringtones From Zedge

One thing you must do, be sure you select Ringtones from the drop-down menu attached to the right of the search bar.

Step 5 ====> Click on the name of the song. 

This will take you to the song’s page where you can email the song to someone, listen to it, or download the ringtone. Now, I know you will be rest assured that you about to download free ringtones from Zedge.

Step 6 ====> Click Get Ringtone Button.

 Clicking the button will bring up a small window with several options depending on your device, here is what you may likely see.

Download Free Ringtones

====> Send to Mail: This sends a copy of the song to your email account, and can help you get songs on phones that don’t access the internet. You will need to have a registered Zedge account

====> Download: This will save a copy of the ringtone on your computer to be put on your phone later.

====> Scan QR Code: Using your smartphone’s QR scanner (which you can download at the app store), this option sends the ringtone right to your phone.

Step 7 ====> Save the Ringtone to your Computer.

You will be prompted to save the ringtone or View the file using iTunes or another media browser. Save the ringtone somewhere where you can easily find it, like your Desktop or a created folder.

If you are having issues, try the Send to Mail option. Zedge will send you the ringtone as an attachment along with phone-specific instructions on downloading.

Step 8 ====> Connect your phone to your computer.

Almost all phones today come with cables made to link your phone to your computer, usually through a USB port. If you are having the right cable, sending the downloaded free ringtones from Zedge to your phone will be very easy.

Step 8 ====> Add Ringtone to your Phone Via Phone Media browser.

Media browser is where you can manage the songs, pictures, ringtones, etc. on your phone. iPhones, for example, use iTunes. A general outline for adding media with any browsers are

====> Open your phone’s suggested media browser. Often this will happen automatically when you plug your phone in.

====> Now click File

====> Import in your media browser and then find your ringtone.

====> Then click and drag the ringtone to your phone in the media browser. That is all, you have successfully downloaded free ringtones from Zedge to your phone.

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You have done well to the last step here. I am very sure if you follow what was explained here. Download free ringtones from Zedge to your phone will be very easy and comes with no issues.

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