Step Guide to Download Chomp SMS for Android Devices

Download Chomp SMS for Android

Chomp SMS refers to as a third-party messaging app which equipped with an impressive set of features, as well as with many customization options. ChompSMS lets you spruce up Android’s native SMS client with a colourful user-friendly interface, a touch-screen keyboard, and enough customization options to personalize your SMS to your liking.

Features of Chomp SMS App

ChompSMS app has the following feature, these are what make this app stand out among other messaging apps you might have used.

====> Chomp SMS app have many themes or skins that you can select from. It has more than 100 free themes to select from.

====> You can customize your Ringtones, LED colours, notification icon, pattern, vibration and many more

====> You can passcode the app on your device, privacy options, SMS schedule sender, stop a text while sending, backup, signature and blacklisting

====> Includes a large 1600+ database of Android, Twitter, Emoji One and iOS-style emojis for your enjoyment

-tive part of Chomp SMS

The app does not support MMS (multimedia messaging service)

No sending or receiving pictures or videos though ChompSMS

NOTE: To send multimedia messages, you have to switch to Android’s native messenger. When you try to view a multimedia message in ChompSMS, you’re sent to Android’s messenger, where you can download and view the message.

Is ChompSMS Free

ChompSMS app is completely free and doesn’t require users to purchase anything before using it. Though it requires payments for international SMS, local text messages using TextFreek Service doesn’t cost a thing.

ChompSMS for Android Details

The Chomp SMS app has the following details

Total Downloads:            1192

Publisher:                         Delicious Inc.

Licence model:                 Freeware

Language:                         English

Release date:                    05/01/2012

Download Chomp SMS for Android

Now that you know some details about ChompSMS app, its features, its developer and many more. It is time to run how you can download it on your device.

Step 1 ====> On your Android phone, tap on your Google play store

Step 2 ====> Type chomp SMS on the search bar

Step 3 ====> Locate the app, tap to download and install

Step 4 ====> Finally, launch the app and start using the app

Download Chomp SMS APK

In our previous heading, we run through how to download chompSMS from Google play store. In case you want the APK file.  Click this link to download Chomp SMS APK APP on your device.

Download Chomp SMS APK

Additional information on ChompSMS APK file

Name:                  chomp SMS

Package:             com.p1.chompsms

Version:               7.18

Size:                     8.80 MB

Installs:                10,000,000+ downloads

Developer:          Delicious

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