Useful AZ Screen Recorder for PC and 6 Reasons for AZ Screen Recorder iOS

AZ Screen Recorder App

Technology has taken over every aspect of life, Smartphone screen recording is part of tech. When it comes to mobile phone screen recording apps, AZ Screen Recorder App is one of the leading.

Various reasons emanate for using a screen recorder, in that case, this app will run through everything you need to know about AZScreen Recorder + and other aspects of the app.

This app can be installed on Android devices running Lollipop and above and comes with numerous features designed to make the screencasting process easier.

Not like other apps that perform a similar function, screencasting features on the AZ Screen recorder is completely free to download and the free version is fully functional.

AZ Screen Recorder iOS is easy to use app. Through the app, users can easily record the screen to HD (also FullHD). On the other hand, this app performs well while taking tutorials on a mobile phone as well as a computer system.

Through the setting of this app, users can set screen orientation, set video resolution, delete recorded videos and share recorded videos.

NOTE: AZ Screen Recorder free version comes with ads that you can easily remove by upgrading to the paid version.  

General Features of AZ Screen Recorder App

====> Through the app, users can edit videos such as trim videos to remove unwanted information

====> The app supports a live stream recording screen to various social networks

====> Through AZ Screen Recorder free app, users can record to any length based on the memory capacity of their devices.

====> You don’t need to root your device before accessing this app and a watermark is not required.

====> Users will be able to make use of the drawing feature to draw on-screen. This feature allows users to make clarity of their explanation while using the screen for a tutorial.

How to Use AZ Screen Recorder

We had run through the general feature of this app, but we need to run through the process of using it. That is the reason this part of the article will cover how you can use this app on mobile devices and computer systems.

AZ Screen Recorder for PC

In that case, we will take them one after the other. We are looking at how to use AZ Screen Recorder App for PC. Users will be able to use this app on a computer system through Android emulators.

This screen recording application catches and records excellent recordings from the screen of the PC and permits clients to alter the subsequent pictures and recordings. Here is how to use this app on PC:

Step 1 ====> In intended user need to download and install the AZscreen recorder on your computer. Click on this link to download it on your personal computer

Step 2 ====> Now, run the software on your computer

Step 3 ====> Click the Recorder from the main screen

Step 4 ====> Then, choose the region you want to capture from your computer and start the process

How to Use AZ Screen Recorder App on Android Smartphone

AZ recorder is an easy app to use on mobile devices, yet some people are still struggling with the best way to use it to record their Android screen.

If you are one of such people, congratulations because you find what you need to know on this website. This part of the article will get you through the best way to use an AZ Screen Recorder App on the screen of your device; Here we go:

Step 1 ====> Download and Install the app on your Mobile Device

First of all, you need to install AZ Screen Recorder on your Android device.  You need to download the app on Play Store and complete the installation process.

You can also download the AZScreen Recorder APK from the app’s official website, then install the app on your smartphone. Ensure that you grant the app all the necessary permissions it requires in order to function properly.

Step 2 ===> Configure the Settings

After installation of the app on your phone, launch it. You should immediately see an overlay with 4 prominent buttons on it.

Then, tap on the Settings button to open it. Here, you can configure the video recording settings as you prefer. Some of the settings that you can change include the resolution of the video, the frame rate, and the bit rate that you would like to use.

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Step 3 ====> Start Screen Recording on Android phone using AZ Recorder

Now open the app that you would le to record. When you are ready to start recording, tap on the Red record button in the AZ overlay

The screen recording will start immediately and you can continue using your device as normal while AZ records your activities in the background.

When you are ready to stop the recording, pull down from the top of the screen to open the notification section of the screen. Here, you can choose to either pause or stop the recording.

You can then tap on the image icon in the AZ overlay to view the recorded video which will be saved in the device’s gallery.

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